Glowmander - Fluorescent GFP Axolotl

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Meet Glowmanders, the transgenic axolotls.

These axolotls are leucistic (partial loss of all pigmentation) and have been bioengineered to express GFP(green fluorescent protein). The semi-translucency results in a vibrant GFP glow.

Each kit comes with a tank, oxygen pump, water filter, water conditioner, food, and aquarium plant.   

Packages are shipped overnight, please be prepared to unbox and set up your Glowmander's tank upon arrival. With proper care, your Glowmander can live for up to 15 years.


**Cannot ship internationally, domestic orders only.**


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    Exactly what is promised.

    Posted by Michael Fread on 7th Aug 2023

    He arrived alive and with the equipment I needed to keep him that way until more permanent gear arrived. But I did take a star off because there were no included care instructions. A 10-20gal tank kept between 60-65F is actually ideal for these guys. They shipped mine with nutrient pellets and from what I've discovered these aren't really recommended as a primary food source, just supplementation. You can feed just about any lean meat but worms are easiest. A small box that can breath, paper shreddings, and a banana peel or/coffee grounds tossed in the middle of it plus some red wigglers from the pet store is a perpetual source of feed. Just top up the materials now and then and they'll keep multiplying and turning the material to compost. Feed every third day or so.