Bacterial CRISPR and Fluorescent Yeast Combo kit

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If you are looking to use this kit to learn molecular biology and genetic engineering we instead recommend that you purchase our Learn Bioengineering Class which includes the CRISPR kit as part of it. 

This kit includes our best selling CRISPR kit and our yeast engineering kit at a $100 discount as opposed to when you buy them alone.

These kits come with example experiments that teach you many molecular biology and gene engineering techniques.


Bacterial CRISPR Kit

Want to really know what this whole CRISPR thing is about? Why it could revolutionize genetic engineering? This kit includes everything you need to make precision genome edits in bacteria at home including Cas9, tracrRNA, crRNA and Template DNA template for an example experiment.

Includes example experiment to make a genome mutation(K43T) to the rpsL gene changing the 43rd amino acid, a Lysine(K) to a Threonine(T) thereby allowing the bacteria to survive on Strep media which would normal prevent its growth.

Kit contains enough materials for around 5 experiments or more

  • LB Agar
  • LB Strep/Kan/Arab Agar
  • Glass bottle for pouring plates
  • Non-pathogenic E. coli bacteria
  • Inoculation Loops
  • 10-100uL variable volume adjustable pipette(1uL increments)
  • Box of 96 Pipette Tips
  • 14 Petri Plates
  • Microcentrifuge tube rack
  • Nitrile Gloves
  • Microcentrifuge tubes
  • 50mL Tube for measuring
  • Bacterial transformation buffer 25mM CalCl2, 10% PEG 8000
  • LB Media for transformation recovery
  • Cas9 plasmid
  • gRNA plasmid
  • Template DNA

Protocol For Experiment


Some items in this kit need to be stored in a fridge and a freezer upon you receiving them.


Yeast Kit


Our goal with this kit is to begin to integrate synthetic biology and genetic design into people's everyday life. We see a future in which people are genetically designing the plants they use in their garden, eating yogurt that contains a custom bacterial strain they modified or even someday brewing using an engineered yeast strain. 

Yeast is an integral part of our lives. It can used be used for brewing, baking, fermentation or as a research tool. Genetically Engineering yeast in your home seems like Science Fiction but is actually now reality. Using our kit you can make your yeast fluoresce and glow by inserting a gene from a jellyfish, the Green Flourescent Protein(GFP). This kit comes with everything you need to engineer a Mead Yeast we provide or your own favorite yeast that you provide. Most any yeast you can buy from a store you can engineer!

That is what makes this kit so powerful is that you can engineer laboratory yeast, yeast isolated from the environment, brewing yeast, baking yeast or even maybe yeast from your skin!

The kit uses a genetically designed extra chromosomal DNA(plasmid) that contains a form of the Green Fluorescent Protein. This protein makes it so that when you expose the engineered yeast to a "black light" or blue light and the yeast glow as seen in the picture. 

Some items in this kit need to be stored in a fridge and a freezer upon you receiving them.

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This yeast and plasmid are being released through a Creative Commons Non-Commercial License we encourage you to share it. For commercial use we ask that you contact us for a license at

Here is the protocol included with the kit:
The kit contains enough materials for ~5 experiments.
Kit contents
1 - YPD Agar 

1 - YPD Agar containing G418 

14 - Petri Plates

5 - Pairs of Nitrile Gloves

5 - Inoculation Loops

1 - Plate spreader 

25~ - microcentrifuge tubes        

6 - 1.5mL microfuge tubes containing YPD   

1 mL Yeast transformation buffer 40% PEG 8000, 200mM LiAc, 0.1mg/mL Salmon Sperm DNA

1 - Preengineered strain of Yeast Containing GFP Plasmid

1 - UV Filter Sheet and blue light

1 - Saccharomyces cerevisiae Brewing Yeast Strain  
1 - Yeast GFP Expression plasmid 100ng/uL
30.48 (cm)
15.24 (cm)
30.48 (cm)


  • 5

    Posted by Daniel on 3rd Jan 2024

    The kit arrived in great condition the directions were clear and easy to follow. Will order from this source again.

  • 4

    Posted by Elijah on 15th Aug 2022

    Very fun project and a great place to start for anyone wanting to learn. The instructions could be a little more clear but a quick Google search will clarify.

  • 5
    Awesome kit

    Posted by Adrian on 27th May 2020

    As a senior Biology major, this kit provided the opportunity to continue practicing key laboratory skills I have learned at the university. The kit came very quickly and everything came intact. Overall it was a very fun experiment to do! 10/10 recommend.

  • 5
    full support

    Posted by Unknown on 11th May 2020

    I received my kit quickly after ordering. Everything came labeled and was organized. I appreciate that it all had The Odin signature labels giving it that extra professionalism. The booklets and online videos are awesome! The proper pipette technique video is awesome too. Iv been building my basement lab for some time now and I’m proud to support the bio pioneers of our generation. You guys are the forerunners to an awesome bio-culture that’s emerging. I’ll be shopping The Odin for all my bio hack needs. Thanks and keeping drinking from the well of Mimir.

  • 4
    Hard to believe.

    Posted by Unknown on 28th Jan 2020

    I think we live in strange times that this is even possible. To able to access ann opportunity to learn genome editing by yourself is a definite point of future. This has already changed the future. The kit was perfect. High-quality products and packaging. Great manuals. It took some time for me to arrive and I was worried if everything will be alright. Turns out great.

  • 5
    Fantastic Customer Service

    Posted by Mike on 23rd Jan 2020

    Product contents as advertised. Really great way to learn about CRISPR and genetic engineering. Everything you need is right in the kit as promised. What I really appreciated though was the customer service. The Odin responded to emails within minutes and were really helpful with any questions throughout the process. Highly recommend.

  • 5
    Am I Weird?

    Posted by Dave on 3rd Dec 2019

    Spent the weekend at home doing experiments. Is that weird?!?!? Anyway, grateful to The ODIN for making this kit available. Everything I need and easy (so far) to follow instructions. Highly recommended.

  • 5
    The first steps into the future

    Posted by Dave on 25th Nov 2019

    The first thing my Grand-kids said after opening the package was how surprised they where that the contents where the 'real thing', not the low quality gear they are given in school to do science experiments. My goal is to give them an opportunity to experience their future... I started in computers when all we had where teletypes, no PC's or internet. It served me well getting exposed to the technology that would become so important in the future and I am pleased that The Odin is giving young people the same opportunities with Bio-hacking.

  • 5
    most eye opening weekend ever

    Posted by Rich on 19th Feb 2019

    I did the yeast and bacteria transformation with my kids (11 & 14) over a weekend. They were really surprised how easy it was to rewire life! It really got thier gears turning and we've since spent hours talking about other fun potential things to hack into cells. Honestly, most kids are already learning to code. I think this is the next big thing, and I feel that this kit put my kids ahead of the curve.