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At The ODIN, we believe the future is going to be dominated by genetic engineering and consumer genetic design will be a big part of that. We are making that happen by creating kits and tools that allow anyone to make unique and usable organisms at home or in a lab or anywhere.

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Jo Zayner, Ph.D., CEO Founder


Dr. Jo Zayner is a visionary biochemist and genetic designer. For over 15 years, they have pioneered work in the field of bioengineering, publishing a number of scientific papers on the topic. Jo received their PhD in Biophysics from the University of Chicago, winning several awards for their work on engineering proteins. They then spearheaded work on developing engineered microbes for Mars terraforming at NASA, eventually leaving to start The ODIN, a bioengineering company based in Austin, Texas that is working to make genetic engineering accessible to everyone. Zayner’s groundbreaking work in human genetic engineering and medicine has been the focus of many documentaries, including the Netflix documentary Unnatural Selection and the NYT documentary Gut Hack. They have been made fun of on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and written about in media all over the world including The New York Times, The New Yorker, El País, Le Monde, Time, Scientific American and NPR, among others. Somehow Jo still finds time to be an accomplished artist whose work has been featured in exhibits at San Francisco MoMA, Philadelphia Museum of Art, NY MoMA, ZKM and the Smithsonian. Zayner is transgender and uses they/she pronouns advocating for diversity, body autonomy and science for all.

Twitter: @4LovOfScience

Instagram: @jzayner






David Ishee, Biohacker

David Ishee is a biohacker and dog breeder working on projects to improve access to genetic engineering technology. Starting with no degree or laboratory David had to be self taught genetic engineering and build his own genetic engineering lab. With a lab built from home made and used genetics equipment he’s been able to bootstrap genetically modified organisms at a fraction of the typical costs. His projects range from developing more accessible methods of gene editing dogs that allow breeders to remove genetic disease, all the way to developing DIY methods of gene therapy for humans.

His work is focused around the idea that these powerful new technologies can only reach their potential if they’re accessible to a broad DIY community and the rapid innovation it can drive. This work led to media coverage all over the world with the biggest coverage of some of his work being on the BBC, MIT technology review, New Scientist, Showtime and a 4 part documentary on Netflix called “Unnatural Selection”. 


Dariia Dantseva, Biohacker

Valeria Niemackl, VP Operations, Biohacker, Artist

Phoenix Krebs, Researcher 



George Church, Ph.D., Business and Science Advisor

George Church is Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School and Director of, which provides the world's only open-access information on human Genomic, Environmental & Trait data (GET). His 1984 Harvard PhD included the first methods for direct genome sequencing, molecular multiplexing & barcoding. These led to the first genome sequence (pathogen, Helicobacter pylori) in  1994 . His innovations have contributed to nearly all "next generation" DNA sequencing methods and companies (CGI-BGI, Life, Illumina, Nanopore). This plus his lab's work on chip-DNA-synthesis, gene editing and stem cell engineering resulted in founding additional application-based companies spanning fields of medical diagnostics ( Knome/PierianDxAlacrisAbVitro/JunoGenosVeritas Genetics ) & synthetic biology / therapeutics (JouleGen9EditasEgenesisenEvolvWarpDrive ). He has also pioneered new privacybiosafetyELSIenvironmental & biosecurity policies. He is director of an IARPA BRAIN Project and NIH Center for Excellence in Genomic Science. His honors include election to NAS & NAE & Franklin Bower Laureate for Achievement in Science. He has coauthored 425 papers95 patent publications & one book (Regenesis).



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