Grow Fluorescent Yeast Kit

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This Kit contains a sample of Saccharomyces cerevisiae French Saison Yeast Strain with the extra chromosomal DNA that contains a form of the Green Fluorescent Protein. When exposed to a "black light" or blue light the yeast glows. 

This yeast and plasmid are being released through a Creative Commons Non-Commercial License we encourage you to share it. For commercial use we ask that you contact us for a license at

The Kit includes all the items necessary to grow the yeast.


1 - Glass Bottle

1 - 7 petri plate sleeve

1 - 10 nitrile gloves

1 - 5 inoculations loops

1 - Blue light and UV filter

1 - Grow Yeast GFP Bag

     1 - YPD G418 Agar

     1 - 50mL Tube for Measuring

     9 - Disposable pipettes

1 - Grow Yeast GFP Kit Protocol

Perishables (placed into bag with store 20°C sticker):

2 - Freeze Dried Yeast w/GFP

1 - 1mL Sterile Water


More about the Yeast

French Saison yeast is an exceptional, highly attenuative top-fermenting ale yeast, creating distinctive beers with spicy, fruity and peppery notes. Ideal for fermentation of farmhouse style beer. Suitable for producing Saisons and farmhouse style beers up to 14% ABV.

Attenuation: Very High - Flocculation: Medium - Usage Directions: For best results, ferment at 26-32 degrees C (79-90 degrees F).


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