Tyrell Gallery

Welcome to the Tyrell Gallery information page. 


The ODIN dedicates a quadrant of our lab for art. Come check it out and say hello to our team of scientists and artists.


Coming February 4th: Future Fossils with Art by Lera Niemackl, Kessler & Jo Zayner




Past shows:




Anna Rock

Waiting until the last human leaves the microscope suite, an indulgent
sigh of relief washes over the histologist, clutching a box of freshly stained
mouse organs. Once the image is focused, pupils fixate and respiration
deepens. A wave of arousal washes over the technician, for the cells that
compose us, multicellular organisms of infinite potential, are so
beautifully arranged. With magnification objectives to suit any biological
fetish a click away, zooming into cellular worlds is porn for a scientist on a
visual and existential bliss binge.

Anna Rock is an artist and scientist in Austin who dissects their curiosity
for aesthetics in physiology, existentialism, and corporeality through
photography, sculpture, and immersive installations.


Permanent Collection:  

A Cabinet of Material Delights 

The Chromochord




Is the art for sale?

Sometimes the art is for sale. 


When can I see the art?

Gallery hours are currently by appointment only. Please email to book your time.  


I want to show my art here. How can I do that?

If you're interested in showing your work at Tyrell Gallery, send your portfolio and work proposal to and we will review.