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How to Get Free Stuff From The ODIN

At The ODIN we are interested in not only selling people tools so that they can do genetic engineering and synthetic biology but growing genetic engineering literacy. You can help this happen by sharing links, pictures of yourself or your class doing experiments or biohacking and news articles that promote biohacking in a positive light. These news articles should directly mention the term biohacking. You can also make posts sharing kits and protocols from our website. For every link you share we will give you $2 in credit at The ODIN. 



  • You keep track of the posts you make on social media, a URL is fine. We accept posts to Facebook, Twitter and Reddit at the moment
  • Maximum of 5 posts a day count towards credit. In 16 days you can get a free CRISPR Kit
  • Submit your post count and URLs to your posts to along with your email address on The ODIN website for the account to be credited. Please submit no more than once a week.
  • Use the hashtags #biohacking or #biohacker on Twitter
  • Posts do not need to contain a link to The ODIN but we appreciate it! :)
  • Post pictures of yourself doing genetic engineering or science 
  • For every post we will give you $2 in credit at The ODIN. 


Feel free to use one of the links we have curated:

We reserve the right to refuse to give credit to posts which we deem not in spirit of our endeavour. We reserve the right to stop or cancel this promotion at any time.