proPCR PCR Machine

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This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Please see the pocketPCR for a great replacement.

The proPCR is an Affordable, Wifi Enabled, Gradient PCR made to simplify experiments, make it easier to learn and teach genetics, and increase access to this important technology.


  • Wifi Enabled
  • Gradient Thermal Block
  • Heated Lid
  • Touchdown PCR
  • Neodymium Magnetic Lid Closure
  • Global Power Supply Included (100-240V)



WIFI ENABLED — No Special Cables or Managing Software.


Programming the proPCR is simple. The proPCR emits its own Wifi Network and can easily be programmed using any Wifi Enabled device with a modern web browser. No need to download any special software or apps — just join the network and open a web browser! Whether you're using a smartphone, tablet, or laptop - firefox, chrome, or safari - Apple, Android, or Microsoft, you will be able to easily connect, program, and monitor your proPCR.

You can also connect the proPCR to an existing Wifi Network so you can program and monitor your reaction while connected to your existing Wifi Network.


GRADIENT THERMAL BLOCK — Run Eight Reactions, Simultaneously.


Gradient PCRs usually cost thousands of dollars, but using clever design we have created the first affordable version. Determining the proper temperature for primer annealing is crucial to achieving the best results. If the temperature is too low the primers risk off-site annealing, resulting in unintended amplicons that can disrupt downstream protocols. If the temperature is too high the primers will not be able to anneal and exponential amplification of the target sequence is unable to occur. The proPCR has a gradient thermal block with an 10 degree (C°) range, allowing you to run different annealing temperatures for each test tube, all during the same program. This means rather than having to run separate programs to determine the optimal annealing temperature, you can run just one.


LINEAR RAMP — Easily Run Linear Ramp Programs.


`The proPCR functionality goes beyond just running PCR programs. The user interface makes it simple to run highly customized linear temperature ramps. A linear ramp starts the block at a desired temperature and, over the course of a set amount of time, changes the block to a desired end temperature. This is great for annealing CRISPR gRNA oligos. Of course, you can also employ the proPCR's gradient functionality to run a Gradient Linear Ramp program to further refine your reaction.


HEAT BLOCK — Heat Block Functionality.


The proPCR can also be used as a static heat block by holding a set temperature for a set amount of time. You can also use the gradient functionality and run a Gradient Heat Block program.


TOUCHDOWN PCR — Complex Programs, Made Simple.


To increase amplification specificity, proPCR interface includes built-in Touchdown PCR functionality. Touchdown PCR progressively decreases the anneal temperature to reduce unintended annealing and increase the concentration of the desired sequence.

A Touchdown PCR program has two phases, a Touchdown Phase and a Regular Phase. The touchdown phase starts with an anneal temperature higher than the calculated annealing temperature and is incrementally decreased every cycle until the calculated temperature is reached. This reduces off-site primer binding and increases the concentration of the desired amplicon. The regular phase continues the program at the calculated annealing temperature to exponentially amplify the desired amplicon.


The proPCR user interface makes it simple to run highly customized Touchdown PCR programs. And because the proPCR has a gradient heat block, you can also easily run a Touchdown Gradient PCR program to further increase specificity.



What's in the PCR Add-On Kit?

PCR Kit Add-On let's you get started right away with materials to look at your own DNA for what version of the DRD4 gene you have. This gene is associated with novelty seeking and risk taking.

The kit contains:

1-10uL pipette and 96 tips

~100 PCR Tubes

Gel Tray and combs for electrophoresis

Tupperware container, alligator clips, two 9V batteries and aluminum foil

300uL 6x Dual Color Loading Buffer

50uL DNA Ladder 100bp 

50uL DNA Ladder 1Kbp

500uL 2x Taq Polymerase Master Mix

50uL DNA Safe Gel Stain

5g Agarose

25g TAE Buffer

DRD4 Primers and Cheek swabs