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DIY Bacterial Gene Engineering CRISPR Kit

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  1. Best CRISPR kit on the market

    Posted by Jake on 17th Aug 2016

    Okay, it's also kind of the only CRISPR kit on the market right now. But it's nevertheless a wonderful and very simple kit.

  2. It works!

    Posted by Mary on 12th Aug 2016

    I have read a lot about CRISPR, but I didn't know it could be this easy. The kit arrived with everything I needed and the instructions were thorough and easy to understand.

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Product Description

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Comes with an example experiment that teaches you many molecular biology and gene engineering techniques.

Want to really know what this whole CRISPR thing is about? Why it could revolutionize genetic engineering? This kit includes everything you need to make precision genome edits in bacteria at home including Cas9, tracrRNA, crRNA and Template DNA template for an example experiment.

Includes example experiment to make a genome mutation(K43T) to the rpsL gene changing the 43rd amino acid, a Lysine(K) to a Threonine(T) thereby allowing the bacteria to survive on Strep media which would normal prevent its growth.

Kit contains enough materials for around 5 experiments or more

  • LB Agar
  • LB Strep/Kan/Arabinose Agar
  • Glass bottle for pouring plates
  • Non-pathogenic E. coli bacteria
  • Inoculation Loops/Plate Spreader
  • 10-100uL variable volume adjustable pipette(1uL increments)
  • Box of 96 Pipette Tips
  • 14 Petri Plates
  • Microcentrifuge tube rack
  • Nitrile Gloves
  • Microcentrifuge tubes
  • 50mL Tube for measuring
  • Bacterial transformation buffer 25mM CalCl2, 10% PEG 8000
  • LB Media for transformation recovery
  • Cas9 plasmid
  • gRNA plasmid
  • Template DNA

Protocol For Experiment



You can find the plasmid DNA sequences


Cas9 Plasmid


gRNA Plasmid



Some items in this kit need to be stored in a fridge and a freezer upon you receiving them.