Bioengineering 101 Beginner Kit and Video Lectures - No Experience Needed

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This kit and class teaches you everything you need to know to do Bioengineering. No experience needed. Despite the class not being live you can participate in an Online Classroom where you can interact with instructors when you need them to help answer any questions you may have.

The class has 8 lectures and experiments. The videos can be viewed remote online at anytime and you can follow along with hands-on experiments that we ship to you. The value of the supplies alone is worth the cost of the class! We will send all you all the class links and info once you register.

The class is remote so you can do it from anywhere. 

This class will take a few hours a week to perform experiments that can be done at your own pace.

A link to the last classes syllabus can be found here

A link to Molecular Biology of the Cell can be found here


Example Experiment

Example Lecture


Class includes guest lectures from

Dr. George Church

Dr. Kate Adamala



Materials Included

0.5-10 uL pipette*
10-100 uL pipette*
100-1000 uL pipette*
0.5-10 uL tips*
10-100 uL tips*
100-1000 uL tips*
Microcentrifuge tube rack*
Petri dishes
Scale and weigh boats*
Glass bottle*
Nitrile Gloves
Orange film and Blue light
Microcentrifuge tubes
Inoculation Loops
LB agar
50 mL tube for measuring
Colored water for pipetting practice

Bioluminscent Bacteria Grow Kit

GFP Bacteria Kit


pDusk/ pDawn Biosensors Kit

*Items with an asterisk are included in the full kit and not included in the "Just Perishables" option


**Perishables included in this kit have been Freeze Dried. They will be viable up to a month at Room temperature**

You will learn

How to Pipette
How to Pour plates
Sterile technique
Hand Culture
How to Use a Scale

How to Streak plates and Culture bacteria

Growing Bioluminescent Bacteria

Bacterial Transformation
Yeast Transformation
Postive/Negative Controls

All About CRISPR

30.48 (cm)
17.78 (cm)
30.48 (cm)


  • 5

    Posted by Jose Paulino Machado on 3rd Mar 2024

    I fell in love by bioengieering at first sight... its great! the problem is i'm poor, tight on cash and US$ 349,00 means 5x greater here in Brazil and that compromize my low wages and i have a lot of debts to pay. But let's never give up... hoping things get better and be ready to order. By for now collegues. Keep the good activities.

  • 5
    Excellent product

    Posted by Gabriel Sierra on 27th Jun 2023

    I appreciate this alternative to conventional classes, product contained everything I needed within the context of the class without having to spend a small fortune. Looking forward to taking bioengineering 102 when it becomes available

  • 5

    Posted by j.m. on 16th Nov 2021

    super deal with alot of bio learning great for just learning this science

  • 5
    This course made me fall in love with bioengineering!

    Posted by Trevor Covington on 3rd Nov 2021

    Thank you for putting together such an amazing course! I had no idea that the only thing that separates living things from nonliving things is cells, and it is so incredible to understand how these basic building blocks of life can be used to make lives better! Your course lays a clear bioengineering foundation and then provides the opportunity to use that knowledge to do real bioengineering and work with antibiotics, crispr, bioluminescent bacteria and much more! Education with practical application is the perfect combo, and you provide it brilliantly with your course. I truly love it! Thank you!!!

  • 5
    Wonderful Starter Kit 101

    Posted by RENZO VALENCIA on 2nd Sep 2021

    Wonderful service from THE ODIN! I was scared but it was all because of the USPS logistics and my country's postal service and they kindly answered me for my peace of mind! 100% recommended so now I will try to learn to see if I can start practicing with some mushrooms and some cyanobacteria that I am interested in studying .... Thank you very much The Odin!

  • 5
    Surprised at how much it cost considering the everything that is included along with the time and work that went in to putting these kits together!

    Posted by Thomas on 2nd Apr 2021

    I am very happy with this product as well as the instruction, knowledge, and professional assistants I am receiving from The Odin! I recommend everything they have to offer!

  • 5
    Enjoying the content and learning a lot.

    Posted by Unknown on 16th Feb 2021

    I am a practicing mushroom cultivating so I have rudimentary experience with lab work. But even without that foundation this course is beginner friendly and quiet comprehensive. The price point is great for what you get. Thank you ODIN for creating this class and making us newbies feel welcome to explore and engage.

  • 5
    A great experience!

    Posted by Ted Burns on 14th Nov 2020

    I really got a lot out of this class between the lessons and the labs.

  • 5

    Posted by Alec on 26th Jun 2020

    Would buy again, will be buying the 102 kit