Genetic Engineering Kit - Learn to Genetically Modify Living Things

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Green Tree Frog Gene Therapy Kit

The frog gene therapy teaching kit is composed of 6 frogs, cages, food and all the materials and all the instructions to genetically modify frogs in a teaching or home environment. The kit requires purchasers to take a safety quiz before the kit is shipped to make sure individuals understand how to handle and work with the animals. All protocols and procedures follow or improve upon recommendations from the NIH Guide for Care and Use of Laboratory Animals where appropriate. 



After using this kit you will have learned how to perform FLEEB (Forumulated Liquid to Enhance the Engineering of Biology) experiments to genetically modify animals. The uses an IGF-1(Insulin like Growth Factor 1) gene therapy that causes increase production of growth hormone. The frogs that are treated with the FLEEB injection will increase in size and weight. You measure this by weighing the frogs over the course of the experiment.

The experiment takes around 5 weeks to complete and requires feeding the frogs once each day and performing injections taking about 1-2 hours once a week.


The protocol can be found here: Frog Genetic Engineering Protocol


***These kits have a 1-2 week lead time and will only be shipped on Monday or Tuesday***


6 Green Tree Frogs(Hyla cinerea)

2 Cages


Benzocaine anesthetic

Water treatment solution

Live crickets

10 syringes of 20ug DNA mixed with transfection reagent

10 syringes of PBS


Plastic container with lid

10 pairs of Nitrile gloves



*This kit is only available for purchase in the US and is shipped overnight