Yeast Transformation Kit

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The kit contains reagents to allow you to perform a yeast transformation with a plasmid and yeast strain that you provide.



  • 10mL yeast Transformation Buffer (100mM Lithium Acetate 40% PEG 8000 0.1mg/mL Salmon Sperm DNA) enough for 200 - 50uL reactions
  • Tubes of YPD for outgrowth
  • Inoculation loops 
  • Microcentrifuge tubes 



How to transform yeast using this kit

  1. The day before your transformation streak out on an ypd agar plate with yeast
  2. Pipette 50uL of transformation mix into a microcentrifuge tube
  3. Using an inoculation loop scrape enough yeast off the plate to fill the loop and twirl into tube containing 50uL transformation mix
  4. Using a pipette, gently pipette up and own to break up any clumps of yeast
  5. Add the plasmid you would like to transform to the tube containing the yeast
  6. Put the tube into 42C water for 1 hour
  7. Add 250uL of YPD to your yeast and plasmid tube
  8. Incubate at 30C(shaking if possible) for 1-3 hours(increased length increases success) or at room temperature for 4-6 hours
  9. Plate all 250uL on YPD agar plate with the appropriate selection antibiotics
  10. Grow the plate 48 at 30C or 48-64 hours at room temperature.
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    Posted by jim montnelli on 27th Feb 2024

    super company great to do bio hacking best place to buy and best prices anywhere

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    Another great product from the ODIN

    Posted by Kent Caldwell on 26th Oct 2019

    The kit is precisely as described and very affordable.

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    Posted by Mohamad Alayouni on 11th Dec 2018

    what temperature should I store the Yeast transformation buffer at ?