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Beginner Kits

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Genetic engineering was once a power only available to Universities and large corporations. But now you can learn about this technology with hands-on experiments and at a fraction of the traditional cost. The ODIN’s kits will show you how to perform various experiments that will teach you how to hack DNA to create new organisms. Our kits vary in difficulty, but all of them do not require previous experience. 


Genetic Design Starter Kit

This experiment is a staple of all bioengineering classrooms. With this kit, you will be able to use jellyfish genes to modify the DNA of harmless bacteria. The genetic modification will cause the bacteria to fluoresce a bright green color under a UV light! 



CRISPR is perhaps the most famous genetic engineering tool in modern history. With the power to one day extend our lives or even create designer pets, CRISPR will be a major technological force in the 21st century. Experience CRISPR with our beginner friendly, DIY CRISPR Kit.


Glow in the Dark Yeast

Create glowing brewing or baking yeast with this kit. The genetic engineering this kit involves may look very complex, but it’s actually straightforward. This is one of our beginner friendly kits and a great kit for people who have already tried the Genetic Design Starter Kit.