Plant Genetic Engineering Kit

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Learn to genetically engineer plants using agrobacterium! This kit allows you to engineer the leaves of the Nicotiana tabacum plant turning them red.

How does it work?

Plasmids inserted into agrobacterium can move into plant leaves through horizontal gene transfer. The red pigment takes 2-4 days to express in successfully engineered cells. 

Kit Contents

5 - Pasteur pipettes

1 - Glass bottle

1 - LB Rifampicin/ Spectinomycin agar

1 - Injection media concentrate

1 - 7 petri plate sleeve (2 pack for classroom kit)

1 - 10 nitrile gloves (3 pack for classroom kit)

10 - Inoculation loops

5 - Blunt syringes (15 for classroom kit)

1 - 50mL tubes

1 - 50mL tube for measuring

5 - 15mL tubes

1 - Sterile water

5 - Sprouting discs

1 - Bag of soil 

1 - Pot

1 - Plastic tub for sprouting plants 

1 - Nicotiana tabacum seeds


Live Plant (store at room temp and water):

1 - Nicotiana tabacum plant (if selected, 3 plants for classroom kit) (Cannot include plant for international orders) 


Perishables (store in freezer):

1 - Agrobacterium with RUBY Plasmid 


Access protocol:


30.48 (cm)
15.24 (cm)
25.40 (cm)


  • 5
    Plant genetic engineering kit.

    Posted by Tito Rodriguez on 1st Jan 2024

    Incredibly simple to use and explain to school children and college students toward the necessary understanding of gene ? control and phenotypical manifestation.

  • 5

    Posted by barrett on 20th Jul 2023

    I just recently bought this to keep my mind occupied and man oh man this kit rocks my world. I have now developed a passion and love for genetic engineering. I highly recommend you buy this!!!