Create alginate spheres

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Spherification is the process of taking a liquid and forming a thin layer of the jello like alginate around the outside of the liquid so it is self contained. This happens by the sodium alginate interacting with calcium to polymerize.

Product includes 10g Sodium alginate & 10g Calcium lactate and 5 syringes


How to use

Mix 0.5g of sodium alginate per 100mL of the liquid you want to spherify. Try orange juice.

Mix 1g Calcium lactate in a bowl per 100mL water

Using the syringe draw up some of the sodium alginate liquid and add drop-wise to the calcium lactate. Let sit 5 minutes and the drop should spherify

If you want to create large spheres you must freeze the sodium alginate solution first and then drop them into the calcium lactate



17.78 (cm)
17.78 (cm)
17.78 (cm)