Chicken Muscle Tissue Cell Line

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Order includes 25cm^2 flask of living primary chicken cells isolated from chicken muscle tissue and 100mL of growth and proliferation media. They are grown and acclimated in the media recipe below.

These cells are low passage number < 3

Standard passaging protocols can be used with these cells. Standard tissue culture treated plastic can be used without any coating.

CO2 is not required for growth and should not be used with the provided growth media. Grow at 37C.

Media contains

L15/F12 base
Streptomycin 50ug/mL
Gentamicin 50ug/mL
Ampicillin 100ug/mL
Amphotericin B 2ug/mL
20% Fetal Bovine Serum
FGF2 10ng/mL
EGF 10ng/mL


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