Starter Kit for iGEM Competitors

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Is your team getting ready to compete in iGEM this year and need some basic supplies to get up and running? This kit provides exactly that!


Kit Includes

BioBrick Restriction Enzymes
-50uL EcoRI  & Buffer
-10uL XbaI & Buffer
-50uL PstI & Buffer
-10uL SpeI & Buffer
-10uL T4 Ligase & Buffer

Media and Reagents
-500uL 5x Taq Master Mix
-100uL DNA Loading Buffer
-100uL 100bp DNA Ladder
-100uL 1kb DNA Ladder
-100uL 10,000x Gel Green DNA Stain
-10g Agarose







*This kit is not officially associated with iGEM


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    iGEM Participant-Approved

    Posted by Alec Lourenco on 8th Sep 2016

    For iGEM teams on a strict budget, this kit is a must. You get most of the reagents you need to perform standard molecular biology procedures - PCR, gel electrophoresis, restriction enzyme digestion, and ligation.

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    Former iGEM member - great product

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Aug 2016

    This kit contains absolutely everything your team will need to get started at a literally insane price. I would highly recommend this kit to any prospective iGEM team.