Grow Bioluminescent Bacteria Kit

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This kit includes a DH10B based strain of E. coli that contains the Lux operon in the pJE202 plasmid. It also contains a 250mL glass bottle and enough media to grow up 8 cultures.(items pictured not included)


How it works:

Add one tube of the media to the glass bottle.

Fill bottle with distilled water and shake until the media is dissolved.

Add small amount of bacteria to the bottle and let grow overnight at room temperature. Make sure the bottle never heats up above ~30C(86F) as the bacteria will not be luminescent.

The process of bioluminescence needs oxygen so give a gentle swirl to the bottle in a dark room and watch the bacteria glow!  The darker the room the better.

 The protocol for the kit can be found here:


**Perishables included in this kit have been Freeze Dried. They will be viable up to a month at Room temperature**


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    Bioluminescent kit

    Posted by Robyn Flanery on 29th Sep 2023

    OMG SO FUN! And super cool. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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    Great product

    Posted by Jelena Todorovic on 31st May 2023

    The delivery was fast considering the fact that I ordered the kit from the other part of the world. The package arrived undamaged, everything is as it is described. Now it is on me, to follow the instructions and I hope it will work.

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    Awesome product!!!

    Posted by Robert on 13th Feb 2023

    I've bought a few things from the Odin so far and it absolutely fueled a new passion I never knew I had, I've been successful at every experiment from the Odin and I've had so much fun!!! Highly recommend!!!

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    Worked perfectly

    Posted by Rick Rogers on 11th Oct 2022

    I was surprised how well this kit worked - both the growout of eColi on the petri dish, the transfer to other petri dishes, and the growth in the LB media bottle. Very satisfying to see the glow.

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    Did it again

    Posted by Tina Sjogren on 31st Aug 2020

    Another success for me. Freaked out when I saw them glowing after a few days and so did everyone I showed. We learn so much by these kits, thanks guys also for fast delivery.

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    Works great

    Posted by Unknown on 29th Aug 2020

    I allowed mine to grow in the plate for a little over 48hrs until I could see the glowing streaks. After that, I placed it into the bottle with the water and media. Mine continued to glow in the bottle for about 3 days.

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    Super easy and awesome experiment

    Posted by Unknown on 9th May 2019

    Kit contains a good quantity of all the materials necessary to grow several batches of bioluminescent microbes. Within 24 hours of my first batch, I had results similar to the pictures! Crazy cool and very easy. Could be a very fun science experiment for youngsters.