Posted by Jo Zayner, Ph.D. on 12th Oct 2015

Help Us Test T4 DNA Ligase - Free Ligase

The ODIN is starting to ship restriction enzymes and ligase! Enzymes are pretty heat stable. T4 DNA ligase is another matter, it requires ATP, ATP hydrolyzes. I need a few people to test out some T4 D …

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Posted by Jo Zayner, Ph.D. on 5th Oct 2015

And the Nobel Prize goes to... A Biohacker

I heard something said by a collaborator, Vidhi Mehta, which moved me. "Will the next Nobel Prize be given to a citizen scientist?"I sat back and I imagined. What if this week a phone call was made t …

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10th May 2015

Thermal Cyclers / PCR Machines

We just added two PCR machines to our inventory. The great thing is that these machines are much cheaper than OpenPCR and other custom DIY PCR Machines. All machines are tested thoroughly and ready to …

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12th Apr 2015

Pipettes and Taq

We just received a bunch of micro-pipettes 2-20uL, 20-200uL, 200-1000uL check them out Here. We have also purchased some high quality Taq polymerase and have it available for a very reasonable price. …

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6th Apr 2015


I(Josiah Zayner) grew up in the 90s Computer hacker movement. What I saw was a bunch of people who had access to free information and a computer. This created open source and changed the world. Now ou …

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