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Do you Ship to my country?

We have shipped to many countries around the world and chances are we ship to your country. Try to order and if it fails email us at odin@the-odin.com and we will help you out. Shipping most kits costs around $50 to countries outside North America.


I want to engineer this organism to do something cool! How do I do it?

Well, it can be complicated. If you have no experience we suggest first learning how to culture and work with bacteria and then moving onto the organism you want to work with. If you want to work with a mammal understand that there are lots of regulations regarding animals experimenting. If you want to engineer a plant we are working on making plant engineering kits available so check back soon. Next you need to learn to read and understand DNA. We suggest downloading Snapgene Viewer and looking at DNA and understanding the different elements. They Perhaps you can progress to figuring out which gene will give your plant the desired effect by looking through Scientific papers and the NCBI gene repository.