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  1. Open an account on
  2. Click New Orders
  3. Click the “Single Pass Primer Extension Order Form” and choose “Low Cost Option”
  4. Fill out and submit the form, enter 20 for template concentration and 10 for primer concentration. Name your primer anything.
  5. Under “Payment Options” choose the option “PO number will be provided later”
  6. Under “Purchasing Agent name” enter Josiah Zayner
  7. Under “Purchasing Agent email” enter
  8. Print off your order and include it with shipment



Samples for sequencing should be at a minimum 20ng/uL with at least 10uL provided. Primers should be premixed with sample. 1.5mL or 0.2mL tubes are acceptable.


Ship to:

ACGT, Inc.

35 Waltz Drive

Wheeling, IL 60090