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We are a startup run out of Oakland, 1 block from the West Oakland BART stop. We are relaxed and don't overwork ourselves(You start around 10AM-11AM and end around 5PM-6PM). We believe in working smarter not harder. We are trying to build something huge as the company keeps growing so we are focused not just on fulfilling orders but scaling, developing new products and finding new ways to reach people. We do daily.weekly lunches, have free food.snacks, red bull and beer. Free lab supplies for your own projects. We do revenue sharing so that employee wages increase as the revenue grows. We constantly have press and filmmakers over because of how creative and new our products are. We are heavily embedded in the Bay Area biotech and biohacker scene. We run a yearly conference for Biohackers(http://biohacktheplanet.com). Previously, employees have gone on to Ph.D. programs and to run their own VC backed companies. Any questions email Josiah at case@the-odin.com


Unfortunately, we cannot pay for relocation expenses at this time and the Bay Area is an expensive place to live. I would advise against applying if you plan to move to the Bay Area specifically for a job we are offering and don't have family or a place to live.


Please apply at: https://forms.gle/8jJQzuhdNSarwUGo6


Marketing/Content Creation

We need someone who can help us create a constant stream of content for social media and advertising. You will be responsible for social media posts, creating Youtube and Instagram videos and email marketing. Must have experience in creating and editing images and video. Must be able to follow trends/memes and be an avid social media user. Experience in Biotech or willing to learn a plus. Requires being on site 2-3 days a week at least. Compensation $15-$35/hour


Lab Assistant

This job involves helping out around the lab with anything needed. Majority of work with be weighing and measuring using a scale, microbiology techniques like making plates, streaking bacteria, making media and diluting samples, using a pipette and centrifuge. No college degree required but some basic experience is needed. Compensation $15-$20/hour


Web Development

We are looking for someone to help us update our current website and help us build a website for our classes/curriculum. Experience with JS, Wordpress required. Experience with Bigcommerce a plus. This can be a remote position. Compensation negotiable.