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Middle School Maker Faire @ Presidio Middle School

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   This past Sunday we traveled into San Francisco for a Middle School Maker Faire. In our setup we hosted one of our classic kits put together for The ILIAD Project. It allows you to test biological matter from your environment for antibacterial qualities. Brad walked each student through the process of mashing plants into a pulp and testing for antibiotic activity.  Each student got to bring their plate home which was kind of cool to see them excited about Science. Josiah also set up a gel elctrophoresis station where he gave students the opportunity to see DNA. The process uses a fluorescent dye so when you look in and see the bands of DNA expressed its pretty awesome.






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Team ODIN Delivers: tasting science at The Tech

  This past Tuesday we went to the San Jose Tech Museum for an event.  We brought in a tasting station, and the concept was to connect with the participant on a physical level.  How cool is it to taste science?  So we set up 8 different amino acids with particular taste characteristics we thought would [...]

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We are all BioHackers

This is a guest blogpost by Mississippi BioHacker David IsheeWhat is a living thing but the expression of code being computed by reality? We're the manifestation of information moving through matter over time. Why not take control of that, why let chance determine what's written there? What about the life around us, why leave that code to chance? What [...]

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DIY CRISPR Kits on Indiegogo

For the past few months we have been developing DIY CRISPR kits for bacteria and yeast so anyone can learn about modern Synthetic Biology techniques by doing!Check out our campaign to get your kit first!

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