PreEngineered Fluorescent Brewing and Baking Yeast

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We have taken yeast and genetically designed it to contain extra chromosomal DNA that contains a form of the Green Fluorescent Protein. When exposed to a "black light" or blue light the yeast glow as seen in the picture. 

This yeast and plasmid are being released through a Creative Commons Non-Commercial License we encourage you to share it. For commercial use we ask that you contact us for a license at

You will receive:

1 - Agar stab of active Yeast containing the GFP plasmid DNA 

1 - Pair of glasses and blue light for better visualization 

More about the Yeasts

French Saison yeast is an exceptional, highly attenuative top-fermenting ale yeast, creating distinctive beers with spicy, fruity and peppery notes. Ideal for fermentation of farmhouse style beer. Suitable for producing Saisons and farmhouse style beers up to 14% ABV.

Attenuation: Very High - Flocculation: Medium - Usage Directions: For best results, ferment at 26-32 degrees C (79-90 degrees F).


The Mead yeast is high ester-producing strain conferring fresh, floral esters, especially when fermented cool. This yeast has high alcohol tolerance and ferments well over a wide temperature range. Suitable for all styles of mead.

Attenuation: Very High - Flocculation: High - Usage Directions: For best results, ferment at 15-30 degrees C (59-86 degrees F).


The Cider yeast is a high ester-producing cider strain imparting wonderful flavour depth, revealing the full fruit potential. Makes exceptionally crisp, flavoursome and refreshing ciders. Suitable for brewing all types of cider.

Attenuation: High - Flocculation: High - Usage Directions: Ferment at 18-24 degrees C (64-75 degrees F) for best results.


The Bavarian Wheat yeast is deliciously smooth, light golden in colour, full bodied aromas of vanilla and banana and a lingering aftertaste. This yeast produces a silky mouth feel and rich body. Suitable for brewing Hefeweizen, Kristal Weizen, Dunkel Weizen and more.

Attenuation: Medium - Flocculation: Low - Usage Directions: Ferment at 18-30 degrees C (59-86 degrees F) for best results.


The Baking yeast is Le Saffre Saf-Instant yeast. Suitable for Baking of all types.


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Will the yeast give off light?

No. The yeast are fluorescent not bioluminescent. They will glow under a "black" light or when using the glasses and blue light provided. More information on fluorescence can be found at


Will my beer fluoresce?

The beer itself doesn't fluoresce the yeast do so your beer will not fluoresce except with yeast in it. When the alcohol is fermenting you will see fluorescent yeast throughout. Usually after a cold crash the yeast will still fluoresce but will be on the bottom of the bottle.


I added the yeast to my to my fermentation and it doesn't fluoresce. Why?

To make sure the yeast are comfortable and happy it is suggested that you grow up a few starter cultures. The fermentation in the picture on this item was taken after growing up four 25mL yeast starters and then adding them to a 1L fermentation. The better you take care of your yeast the better they will glow. Don't give them too much sugar and make sure they have proper nutrients. 


Do the yeast need selective agents to keep the plasmid?

We have found that the yeast will hold onto the GFP plasmid even in absence of selective agents.