Open Colorimeter by IO Rodeo

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The Open Colorimeter is a portable and customizable colorimeter for measuring absorbance, transmittance and concentration. The cuvette holder and enclosure are made from 3D-printed black nylon material and the electronics are programmed with open source firmware written in CircuitPython. The Open Colorimeter ships pre-programmed & ready-to-use so no assembly, soldering or programming needed. 

Each Open Colorimeter includes the following:

  • White light LED board
  • USB cable for battery-charging or power
  • Pack of 6 cuvettes: 3 macro (2.5-4.5 mL) and 3 semi-macro (1.5-3.0 mL)
  • Light-blocking cap to place over the cuvette during measurements
  • 5 LED boards: 470nm, 520nm, 570nm, 595nm and 630nm


Additional LED board options

The Open Colorimeter comes with a white light LED but additional single-wavelength Open Colorimeter LED boards are available so users can fully customize their instrument. We have a range of LED wavelength options to choose from and will be adding more as we develop them. Wavelength options describe the peak wavelength as described in the manufacturers spec sheets. More information on the LEDs, including links to manufacturer spec sheets, are in the electronics documentation page. Check out the Getting Started guide for instructions on swapping LED boards on the colorimeter. 

Open Colorimeter is Open Hardware certified