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Meet Panellus stipticus — one of few fungal species with bioluminescent mycelium and fruiting bodies.



1. Go into a dark room with little to no light pollution.

2. Wait a full 2 minutes for your eyes to adjust to see the vibrancy of this natural phenomena.

Avoid looking at bright screens. You should start to see some glow within 1 minute of waiting.


With proper conditions, this fungus will glow for many months and fruit actual mushrooms!


Care instructions: 

The more your mycelium grows, the brighter it will glow. You may even fruit some mushrooms if conditions are right. The best way to care for your Panellus stipticus jar is to leave it in a room temperature room and out of direct sunlight. A light cycle will increase the odds of your jar fruiting mushrooms.


You can spritz your jar every few weeks with one or two pumps of our specialty mist. Jars are susceptible to contamination, so when you open the lid to spritz your mycelium, make sure you are in a clean room with still air (not outside, not by a fan). Wash your hands, don’t breathe into the jar or put your hands in the jar.



  • One mushroom glass of Panellus stipticus mycelium on enriched hardwood media

  • Small misting bottle