Biomaterials Workshop July 23rd

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When: JULY 23rd 11am - 2pm 

Where: The ODIN HQ

In this class we will introduce biomaterials and biology through the lens of materials science. We will discuss how to tinker with biology to dial in performance metrics such tensile strength, translucency, density, color and more. We will experiment with both living organisms and bio-based materials.

The three material themes will be:

Bacterial cellulose

Learn to grow your own cellulose film from isolated bacterial culture in simple media. Our bacterial cellulose cultures produce an impressively translucent, forgiving material with an array of applications. 


We will demo how to process basic ingredients into functional, formable bioplastic films using available goods such as agar, glycerol, egg shells and more. 

Mycelium clay

We will provide sawdust spawn and other binders to create a moldable clay material that will colonize over a few days and become a durable, living structure.