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Bioengineering 102 Remote Class - Live - Advanced DNA Programming

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  1. The value of the experience is orders of magnitude greater than its cost.

    Posted by Kent R Caldwell on 8th Sep 2019

    I completed Bio 101 earlier this year, and am a few weeks into 102. I have taken literally dozens of online life-science courses and these have impressed me more than those from major institutions; the ODIN's are superior. The the livestreams permit interaction with some of the best workers in the field, and the instruction in combination with the materials provided will effectively guide anyone who is serious about learning into gaining a grasp on bioengineering.

  2. best course imaginable

    Posted by joe dart on 26th May 2019

    This course is the perfect way for anyone interested in learning bioengineering quickly. It focuses on hands on strategies for isolating and assaying DNA which is crucial to performing genetic experiments. The staff of mentors are experienced and extremely helpful. It is more like an apprentice program than a school atmosphere. Best way to learn.

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Product Description

Class Begins Every Tuesday at 4PM PT Starting Sept 3rd and Packages will start shipping in August

Classes will be recorded for future viewing in case you miss.

Certificate given upon completion of the course. 

The email you use to pay for this class will be sent an invite for our online classroom so keep a look-out.

Choose our payment plan option on check-out to make 4 monthly payments. See more information here.


This two month class will go through how to design your own DNA to genetically modify organisms. At the beginning of the two months we will ship you all the materials required for the class. The class will have a weekly live video chat and teaching session, a facebook group to discuss the class and guides and tutorials. 

Take Aways From The Class

  1. How to purify plasmid DNA
  2. How to run and analyze DNA gel electrophoresis
  3. How to use DNA sequencing services and analyze sequencing results
  4. How to perform DNA cloning and Engineering
  5. How to design plasmid DNA to express your own gene
  6. How to have DNA synthesized from a company 


Classes will be taught by

Josiah Zayner, Ph.D.

Esther Kim

David Ishee


Items Included in the Need Everything Class Price ($600)

Choose this if you have experience with molecular biology but don't have a set of pipettes, a scale and other basics needed.

  1. Four sided tube rack

  2. 0.5-10uL Pipette, 10-100uL Pipette, 100uL-1000uL pipette
  3. 2x Pipette tips

  4. 10k RPM microcentrifuge
  5. Glass Bottle

  6. 0.01g resolution digital scale and weigh boats

  7. UV Glasses and Blue Light
  8. Heat Mat

  9. 50mL culture tubes

  10. Miniprep Kit for 10 plasmids

  11. 20g LB broth

  12. 5g Kan

  13. 5g Amp

  14. 20g Lab Agar

  15. Petri Plates

  16. Cell spreaders and Inoculation loops

  17. Nitrile gloves

  18. 50 1.5mL micro tubes

  19. pDusk/pDawn strains

  20. Bacterial GFP strain

  21. DIY Gel electrophoresis box(tupperware container, aluminum foil, 2x 9V batteries, wires with clips)
  22. TAE

  23. Agarose

  24. 1kb DNA ladder

  25. 6x Gel loading dye

  26. Gel Green DNA dye

  27. DNA Sequencing Vouchers
  28. Restriction enzymes

  29. DNA Ligase

  30. transformation buffer

  31. E. coli DH5a

  32. 1.5mL tubes with LB

  33. Thermometer


Items Included in the "Need Some things" Price ($400)

Choose this if you have a set of pipettes and a digital scale but need a centrifuge and heat mat for culturing organisms or if you went through the Biohacking 101 class

  1. 10K RPM Microcentrifuge

  2. Pipette tips
  3. Heat Mat

  4. 50mL culture tubes

  5. Miniprep Kit for 10 plasmids

  6. 20g LB broth

  7. 5g Kan

  8. 5g Amp

  9. 20g Lab Agar

  10. Petri Plates

  11. Cell spreaders and Inoculation loops

  12. Nitrile gloves

  13. 50 1.5mL micro tubes

  14. pDusk/pDawn strains

  15. Bacterial GFP strain

  16. DIY Gel electrophoresis box(tupperware container, aluminum foil, 2x 9V batteries, wires with clips)
  17. TAE

  18. Agarose

  19. 1kb DNA ladder

  20. 6x Gel loading dye

  21. Gel Green DNA dye

  22. DNA Sequencing Vouchers
  23. Restriction enzymes

  24. DNA Ligase

  25. Transformation buffer

  26. E. coli DH5a

  27. 1.5mL tubes with LB

  28. Thermometer


Items Included In "Need Only Media and Reagents" ($200)

Choose this if you have a centrifuge, pipettes and scale and all the equipment needed.

  1. Miniprep Kit for 10 plasmids

  2. 20g LB broth

  3. 5g Kan

  4. 5g Amp

  5. 20g Lab Agar

  6. Petri Plates

  7. Cell spreaders and Inoculation loops

  8. Nitrile gloves

  9. 50 1.5mL micro tubes

  10. pDusk/pDawn strains

  11. Bacterial GFP strain

  12. TAE

  13. Agarose

  14. 1kb DNA ladder

  15. 6x Gel loading dye

  16. Gel Green DNA dye

  17. DNA Sequencing Vouchers
  18. Restriction enzymes

  19. DNA Ligase

  20. Transformation buffer

  21. E. coli DH5a

  22. 1.5mL tubes with LB